Frequently Asked Questions

WorkCompResearch (WCR) is the Member’s Area for industry leading, and is the most advanced, continually updated Compliance, Research and Forms Library available online. Created in 2007, WCR offers a tremendous amount of difficult to find information related to managing workers’ compensation claims in every state in the nation.
Virtually every business day. Whether there are new forms, regulatory changes or complete legislative overhauls, something changes in workers’ comp somewhere in the nation every day. Current information is vital to our industry, and we determined that a weekly or monthly “update schedule” would be insufficient for our customers needs, so we update in as close to real time as we can. In fact, you can see a list of the most recent real-time changes here.

We use 7 levels of information verification for WCR.

  • 1.We have monthly and quarterly checklists our researchers use to verify changes and information at the state level.
  • 2.We use extensive software monitoring to scan and record changes to thousands of government and industry web pages, allowing us to investigate any changes as they are made.
  • 3.We monitor many news services, including our own extensive CompNewsNetwork, to track and record legislative and regulatory activity around the nation.
  • 4.We partner with the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN). This is a group of 45+ defense law firms that comprise a national network of skilled defense attorneys for employers with multi-jurisdictional needs. While the NWCDN is not a primary information source for WCR, they are an exceptional outlet for jurisdictional changes, verifications and special research projects that we routinely conduct for our customers.
  • 5.Relationships at the state level. Over the years we have established contacts at many states who routinely update and advise us of new and pending changes in their jurisdictions.
  • 6.We are a user driven community, and while our research staff excels at monitoring and maintaining over a 1/2 million pages of records for 53 jurisdictions, our thousands of WCR subscribers also serve as “boots on the ground” that are sometimes able to input important information. We welcome and encourage this support. The bigger our system grows, the stronger it becomes.
  • 7.Finally, we conduct a comprehensive annual review to make sure that all significant legislative and regulatory changes have been accounted for and recorded.
No. Every subscription to WCR is a minimum one year commitment, even if you select our convenient monthly pay plan. We do this quite frankly to protect our long term ability to continually provide current information and excellent customer service. Information changes regularly in workers’ compensation, and to allow people to purchase short term access to our data on a periodic basis would neither serve them or us well. We are in this for the long haul, and are serious about workers’ comp. With a 98% renewal rate on our Corporate Accounts, our customers are too.

Absolutely. We encourage it. You may request your free demo here.

We request that you provide us approximately half an hour of your time to let one of our representatives walk you through a remote demo to show you the various features of this powerful system. After that, we will set up an account that will give you a few days to “test drive and kick the tires” to see if this system is right for your needs. We are a decidedly low pressure sales organization. Requesting a demo will not subject you to an endless stream of phone calls and follow up emails.
No. Our subscription licenses are per user. Concurrent or consecutive use of a single account by multiple individuals is not allowed. Our system is designed to track and prevent potential account sharing violations.
This is a contract between the subscriber and WCR. Account sharing is not allowed just as in the insurance industry, sharing insurance coverage without a financial commitment is not allowed. People who use WCR do so to quickly gather information while saving time and effort in the process. It is only fair that everyone benefiting from this service support the greater effort with a financial investment that helps to maintain the quality of the system.
Absolutely not. You are paying for a service, and should not have to navigate through advertising when you are paying for the privilege of access. We do provide authorship credit and respective links where appropriate, and links within the news area lead to our publicly accessible CompNewsNetwork, which does feature advertising, but otherwise all of the areas within WCR are advertisement free.
While we serve people in a variety of positions in the workers’ compensation industry, WCR is at it’s core a claims oriented system. We have plans underway to establish compliance modules for other areas, such as Underwriting and Premium Audit, but those are still in the planning stages. Many non-claims professionals use WCR to search for information related to their specific areas of the insurance industry.
We have a number of the industry’s most active TPA’s and a several carriers that use a Branded WCR feed in their intranet. Our authorization process allows all of their employees immediate access to our info with just the click of a link - no usernames or passwords are required. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to make WCR available across the enterprise. An informed workforce is a productive one.