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The WorkCompResearch Claims Handling Library. What You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp Claims Compliance. Where You Need It. When You Need It. For Only $49 Per Month. Workers’ Compensation Compliance and so much more. More than 3,700 continually updated State Forms, each programmed to allow direct Type & Save ability; the only such library anywhere in the country. Compliance Email Updates. State Comparative Charts and Custom Comparison Reports. Programmable Cheat Sheets. Disability Benefit Rate Calculators. Searchable Statutes, Regulations and Court Opinions for 53 jurisdictions, including Federal, Longshore and Washington, DC. And even more....

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“I love WorkCompResearch. The site is easy to navigate, the information is critical, and your staff has been highly responsive to our special research requests”
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Since 2007, thousands of insurance professionals and employers across the United States have depended on WCR for reliable, timely information. It is, without a doubt, the largest and most utilized online Workers’ Compensation Legal Resource tool in the nation.